Reach your audience, whoever and wherever they are.

From basic demographics to advanced IP targeting,
EccaNova gives you the tools you need to reach your audience.


Basic insight on your audience such as age, gender, income and political affiliation.


Target your audience by City, State, County, Zip-Code or even by mobile location.

Data Matching

Match your lists and voter information with existing cookie data to target your audience.


Reach people who have previously visited your website as they browse the web.

274 Million

Americans with some form of internet access.

3.12 Hours

The average amount of time spent online per day.


The percentage of internet users EccaNova reaches.

Choose the best medium to deliver your message.

Deliver rich media experiences to your audience; driving action, awareness and appeal.


Display ads are the staple of online advertising as they are easy to create and are incredibly inexpensive.


Video (or Pre-Roll) ads are the most impactful from an engagement and action perspective.


Served only to mobile devices, mobile ads are great for reaching your audience where ever they are. With mobile usage on the rise, they are a critical component to any campaign.


Interactive ads are Flash (or HTML5) based experiences designed to drive in-ad action.

Track and optimize your campaign's performance.

EccaNova provides clear, actionable metrics so you never feel lost in data.


Our platform (Compass), reports on every facet of your campaign in a simple, elegant user interface.


Compass gives you tools and suggestions to make data driven decisions about your campaign.


Understand your campaign's performance in context.