about us

EccaNova is a full service online and mobile marketing company with buying power across all major ad exchanges. We are a team of marketing and political strategists combined with experts in mobile, ecommerce and ad technology.

Decades of campaign experience help us to craft proven, impactful digital solutions to mobilize your target audience.

who we are

EccaNova specializes in online political and advocacy campaigns. We are a team of marketing and political strategists combined with experts in mobile, e-commerce and ad technology.
Our team brings broad experience in the day-to-day operations of challenging, fluid campaigns. Our extensive online and on-­the-­ground mobilization experience guides our digital strategy and informs the websites and platforms utilized for our clients. Decades of campaign experience help us to craft proven, impactful digital solutions to mobilize your target audience.
We understand the benefits of empowering your supporters with user-friendly online tools to create and foster change. As former campaign managers, we know how much you and your team are juggling. We help you with every step, so you can focus on winning.

In 2018, we were proud to work on 150+ state house and senate races throughout the country. Our work helped propel new Democratic faces into office as well as re-elect numerous others in highly contested races.

In Delaware, EccaNova introduced and utilized persuasion digital video and display for the challenger State Treasurer candidate, four targeted State Senate races, and five targeted State House races. We also did GOTV digital for the New Castle Democratic Committee and the Delaware Democratic Party. In part because of our work, the State Senate increased its majority from 11-10 to 12-9, the State House is now in a supermajority, and Delaware elected a Democratic State Treasurer.


In May of 2019, in Athens, Greece, we were honored to receive global recognition and four Polaris Awards for our innovative work on the 2018 Delaware races as well as campaigns in California, New Mexico and Ohio.

strategies & methodologies

EccaNova’s management approach is to give our clients the performance they are looking for by providing access to billions of impressions a day, throughout the world. We don’t have an exclusive contract with one DSP or publishing partner, but rather work across multiple technologies and media partners to give you access to virtually all of the programmatic inventory available today.

Data management of layering and source diversification are essential components for building an effective targeting model. EccaNova sources data from reputable, industry leading data companies including Peer 39, eXelate, Lotame, Neu star, and BlueKai.

Each data company offers a wealth of current data on political affiliation, national predictive models, lifestyle attributes, social media identification, aggregated census and election data, economic and social issue alignment and behavioral demographics. EccaNova’s experts will work closely with your team to identify campaign goals and determine the best corresponding data sources for your campaign.

EccaNova’s techniques of sourcing appropriate data for campaigns come from years of experience and tested methodologies. We have a proven track record of reaching our client’s target universes and mobilizing online users to take action. While you want to start out with the best data possible, how the data is implemented and optimized over the course of the campaign is far more important to the success of a campaign than initial base data.
Hundreds of data points can be attributed to each targeted voter. The number of data points will vary considerably depending on the campaign’s needs and targeting parameters. EccaNova tends to caution our clients about the pitfalls of over‐targeting in the launch period of a campaign. Limiting the initial reach will limit the scope of data. EccaNova will have to optimize campaign specific segments and lookalike models.

We use proprietary algorithms for industry leading campaign results and optimization. Optimization is a multi-stage process that ensures every ad delivered is not only optimized for the best chance of a successful conversion, but also that every ad opportunity is fairly priced – all done in just thousandths of a second.