case study

Central America,
Engagement Campaign

Using creative ad copy and strategic targeting to generate over 3 million post engagements​

Our client is a digital media agency that works with a variety of political candidates and organizations in Central and South America.  In order to scale up their business, the agency utilized EccaNova’s white label ad buying services to run a Facebook ad campaign for a Presidential campaign in Central America.

Our client had three main goals:

Goal #1: Engagement – Increase engagement within the posts and on the page to grow support before the election.

Goal #2: Reach – Utilize EccaNova’s proven targeting models to reach registered voters and build support for the candidate.

Goal #3: Win! – Use both of the first two goals, build momentum and use persuasion messaging to turn out the vote.

Prior to launching the ad campaign, our team researched the internet usage data for the geo that was to be targeted. This research allowed us to see that most people use their smartphones to access the internet, so we were able to put a majority of the budget into serving to mobile devices, which would allow for a higher rate of engagement.

The candidate’s creative, ad copy and goals were based on the candidate’s vision for a positive, unified country, free of corruption and a vision for the future.  Our dedicated digital strategy team worked with the client to create multiple ad and text combinations. Our team was then able to analyze the incoming metrics and quickly optimize the highest performing combinations to drive engagement.

Based on the pre-campaign research our digital team did, we saw that Facebook was used 90% more than any of the other social media platforms in the country. So with that, we decided to strictly focus on a high performing Facebook engagement campaign.




The recipe for success for Facebook advertising is to reach a highly targeted audience the optimal number of times within a certain time period. Social Media is the new word-of-mouth. If you target the correct audience, they’ll share it and promote you.

This is important because the most credible form of advertising comes straight from the people we know and trust. Facebook makes it super easy to track conversions through a tracking pixel that we installed on the landing page.


Facebook is the largest social media channel with the most engaged monthly audience. Ads for local politics and/or social issues served on Facebook can greatly improve name recognition of the candidate or organization, as well as generate trackable conversions.

We were able to test multiple audiences and see what content was working and what could be performing better. This allows us to optimize the campaign to generate engagement. This campaign was a huge success with over 3 million post engagements. The campaign also had a terrific CTR at 3.22% which crushed the industry standard of .90% for Facebook Ads.

The third goal of the campaign was to win. With the help of a robust, successful digital ad campaign, the candidate was able to do just that.

Check out these impressive totals from the campaign: