case study

Chicago Alderman,
Minimum Wage Campaign

Using targeting optimization to serve 11 million ads in just 3 months and flip 8 of 9 Alderman seats in Chicago.

The goal was to educate Chicago registered voters in 9 targeted wards about minimum wage issues related to their Alderman and persuade them to vote for alternative candidates.

EccaNova worked closely with the client to develop unique strategies for each of the 9 targeted wards. 

In addition to the targeted wards, we concurrently served general citywide ads informing voters about the issue.


  • Programmatic Desktop Display
  • Programmatic Mobile Display


EccaNova created targetable audience segments by utilizing voter files to match registered voters to cookie pools and device profiles against cloud-based big data platforms that enable us to personalize online and mobile marketing reach. Multiple levels of geo-targeting techniques were implemented in order to serve ads within the targeted wards.

In order to create targetable audience segments in the citywide campaign, we applied Contextual and Behavioral-Targeting models that focused on registered voters in Chicago. Throughout the campaign emerging data was used for optimization of targeting and inventory buying strategies.