case study

Dynamic Facebook
Auto Ads

Finding $7,500 Profit in 90+ Days Old Inventory

Our client is a multi-franchise dealer in a small-town with a population of just 30,000. The dealership features approximately 100 VDPs between two rooftops and are early-adopters of new digital strategies to increase traffic, sales and available marketing territory.

Our client had two main goals:

  • Goal #1: Identify a new social-based digital approach to increase sales versus current sales programs.
  • Goal #2: Capitalize on Facebook intelligence to help move critical inventory that has surpassed 90 days.

Our client’s existing sales and advertising strategies were not moving their inventory fast enough. They wanted to capitalize on the popular Facebook platform with dynamic imagery and advertising of available vehicles to help move that critical inventory, but did not have the technological savvy or technical know-how.

The client sought our advertising services to roll out new Facebook Dynamic Auto Ads to showcase their vehicles and generate brand new revenue from stagnating inventory.

By targeting a high-converting audience with the campaign, the client’s dealership was tuned in to get great results.


With each unit sold offering an average of $500 to the client, the campaign saw $7,500 new profit generated from 90+ day-old inventory—in just one month!

This client is a clear example of this program’s power for dealerships of all sizes. They had only used Static Facebook Ads—which only click to homepages—through April 2017, before switching to our agency’s Dynamic Facebook Auto Ads.

The results and comparisons are striking:

We can dictate exact performance metrics on this campaign down to the VDP level, including 15 moved vehicles. That’s the bottom line for dealer customers. But it’s only the end result of a highly- intelligent, fully-automated system to sell more cars.

  • Visitors from Dynamic Ads spend 3X MORE TIME on dealer sites (1:32 vs. :31 static)
  • Our Dynamic Facebook Ads BOUNCE 50% LESS than static ads (40.2% vs 73.5%)
  • Overall website PAGEVIEWS INCREASED 61% with Dynamic Ads (1,419 vs. 880)

And don’t forget—most of those 15 moved VDPs were 90+ DAYS OLD before July!


Skyrocket Your Dealership Sales

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