case study

Nikki Bas,
Oakland CIty Council

The come from behind win of a first time candidate, using strategic, targeted digital advertising

The client, East Bay Working Families (a coalition of labor and community groups), hired our services to build the name recognition of a little known, first time candidate named Nikki Bas. Nikki Bas was running for Oakland City Council, and she was running against the incumbent who was widely known and better funded.

The East Bay Working Families goal was to introduce Nikki Bas to Oakland’s 2nd district voters to build name recognition by creating a separate brand for her, uniquely tailored to the demographics and contours of her district.

To make this case, we developed several flights of programmatic digital display ads, and Facebook display and video ads that focused on Bas’s voice for women and families. We focused targeting on individual profiles and the issues important in each of the diverse neighborhood.

We began the program just over five weeks out from Election Day. We targeted community leaders and centers of influence in order to most efficiently utilize our budget. We surrounded the targeted voters for the final weeks of the campaign with rotating creative to keep the message fresh. We also targeted her opponent’s base areas while building Bas’s brand of strength and drawing a contrast between her opponent’s message.

Programmatic bidding ensured that the client’s campaign budget was spent in the most effective way possible. 

For this campaign, we selected two main targeting methods:

  1. Contextual Targeting: Contextual targeting looks at the category and keywords of the pages the potential voter is browsing and serves them highly-relevant ads. By serving the client’s ads to people researching candidates, visiting local/national news websites, showing interest in local elections, the Democratic party, working families, etc., the digital advertising team was able to make sure that the ads they served were relevant to the voters, and conversion was more likely.
  1. Geo Targeting: Geo-targeting refers to the practice of delivering different content or advertisements to potential voters based on their geographic locations. For this campaign, we targeted the ads to only serve to Oakland residents, as they were the ones that would be voting.

The recipe for success for Facebook advertising is to reach a highly targeted audience the optimal number of times within a certain time period. EccaNova’s digital advertising team ensured this with advanced, award-winning Facebook advertising technology that goes above and beyond best practices. With Facebook ad campaigns, we can guarantee reach and frequency of ads served to a laser-focused audience.

For the Nikki Bas campaign, we created 5 different Facebook ads:

The audience that were served the ads were created using geo location and interest targeting. The client, East Bay Working Families, also gave us a supporter list to match and we were able to create lookalike models off of that matched list, resulting in highly targeted ads being served to voters for maximum impact.

The online ad campaign was critical to introducing a first time candidate to voters, helping her achieve 50.09% of the vote and one of the biggest upsets in the region over the incumbent candidate.

Check out the results: