case study

Tying the Knot

How a bridal shop said “I Do” to a 1353% Return on Investment with a multi-channel advertising campaign​

This client is a bridal boutique in the US that boasts a vast selection of brides and bridesmaids dresses. This particular location is part of a larger bridal franchise, yet under local ownership, faces many of the same struggles as other small local businesses. They make customer service and satisfaction a core focus, and the reviews reflect these values.

The global market for bridal wear is projected to exceed $73 billion USD by 2024, and business is booming for both local and global bridal wear shops. With over two million weddings in the US alone each year, the internet is flooded with brides and bridesmaids turning to the web to plan their attire for the big days.

Plus, with 66% of shoppers looking for the location of the nearest store with specific items, search engines are vital for today’s retail shopper. The client realized this huge opportunity and sought the services of EccaNova to capture the huge online audience and turn them into paying customers.

To amplify their positive online reputation and attract more eager brides and wedding guests to their boutique, the client hired the services of EccaNova to run a multi-channel advertising campaign.

The boutique ran a Calls & Visits campaign to drive new real-life business to their store. The campaign message revolved around their free fitting and 10% discount through August 31, 2017. The creative, ad copy and goals were based on this campaign message, and the goal was to drive people to call, visit, and book appointments at the bridal shop.

The digital advertising fulfillment process for the client involved five main tactics to help drive in-store visits to the establishment:

  1. Google Adwords campaign with programmatic bidding
  2. Review and location extensions
  3. Customized mobile-optimized landing page
  4. Programmatic display ads with geofencing and conversion zones
  5. Facebook ad campaigns

The multi-channel campaign served ads to consumers through these main channels:

  • Display Network
  • Search Network
  • Facebook

The ads promoting the client’s special offers drove consumers to a custom-made, mobile-friendly landing page that encouraged consumers to book an appointment, or view the shop’s website and social media profiles.

After less than one month, EccaNova’s digital advertising services had achieved more than 88,000 impressions for the client.

Yet, the real impressive numbers are the tangible business results achieved in such a short time:

With the campaign objective being to drive new business through their free fitting and special discount offers, the 52 new calls and in-store visits to the bridal shop show that the campaign was a huge success in its first month. This is 52 new brides and wedding guests visiting the store after seeing the online ads to take advantage of their special offer.

With each new customer valued at $350, a number set by the client themselves based on the price of bridesmaid dresses, the advertising campaign unlocked these monetary results for the business:

Tie the knot with the ad engagement, real-life results data and the huge revenue numbers, and it’s clear to see how effective and powerful a multi-channel advertising campaign can be for local businesses, even over a short time frame.

Let’s do a quick breakdown of the campaign results across the various advertising channels:

The search network ads—text ads that would display on the top of the Google search results page—did well in generating new engagement for the client. Consumer engagement with the ads appearing on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) was much higher than industry average, and as a result cost less per click than most search ads.

The client’s ads on the search network were served to brides and bridesmaids that searched Google for predetermined keywords, such as “bridesmaid dress,” “free fittings,” and “bridal boutique” in their town.

With such a high volume of searches made in the US for these terms, appearing at the top of the list generated great business results for the boutique.

The display network ads were run with geo-fencing technology, so when consumers were inside the designated geographical areas, they were served the client’s ad on their mobile devices. With nearly 20 geofenced locations, the CTR and engagement on the ads varied per location, but the results were impressive across the board.

The value of a click on geofenced ad is huge, as the consumer engaging with the ad has a proven interest in the business’s service. There were impressive click-through rates on the geofenced display ads running for the client’s campaign. In fact, 65% of the display network ads for the shop were achieving a CTR much higher than industry average.

Further, 30% of the display network ads achieved over double the CTR than industry average.

Facebook is the largest social media channel with the most engaged monthly audience. Ads for local business served on Facebook can greatly improve brand awareness of the business, as well as generate new clients.

Here’s what this client’s Facebook ad campaign gained in less than one month:

The Facebook ad for the client put their beautiful dresses and deal in front of a hyper-targeted, engaged audience to drive new business. Advertising on Facebook is great for both generating leads and amplifying your client’s brand. With each ad attached to their Facebook social profile, the clicks and reactions generated not only drive new business, but also drive new brand recognition and improve the client’s online reputation.

Check out our 3 key takeaways from this campaign:

Shoppers are turning to search engines to find the items they want to buy, and they’re looking for your business clients store details. 66% of online shoppers want to find the location of the nearest store with a wanted item, and 63% want even more details about the store like hours and phone number.

Thankfully, your search network ads for retail clients can have handy extensions like Call Extensions and Location Extensions to provide the consumer with just what they need.

Making engagements and generating new business has never been so easy!

More than simply picking keywords with a high volume, you’ll want to pick keywords that are relevant to both your business client’s services and the promotion their campaign is based on. That way, the ads are displaying for highly-relevant searches, and are more likely to gain clicks and conversions.

Picking keywords that are relevant to the business, yet not to the specific campaign, will simply waste your advertising budget as the consumers are looking for more specific results.

When it comes to advertising campaigns for retail businesses, imagery is everything.

Consumers will want to know what the clothes look like before coming in to visit the store location, so make gorgeous photography a priority when establishing a campaign. Make use of the display network’s image capabilities to gain the best conversion results from your images and copy.