case study

Judge Marilyn
Zayas Campaign

Using strategic geotargeting to win re-election with the highest single vote count in the county

In the fall of 2018, Judge Marilyn Zayas was facing a very tough and dirty campaign in a historically Republican County. Judge Zayas had been targeted by the Republicans because she narrowly defeated the Republican incumbent in 2016 by just 1.16% or 3,568 votes.

By mid October 2018, her opponent had raised four times more money and received several high profile endorsements from legal organizations. He had been running an extensive digital advertising campaign that painted Zayas as inexperienced and too liberal for the conservative county.

Zayas had steadily been losing support with moderate and conservative women. We were asked to turn the tide with a limited budget and less than a month until Election Day. 

We immediately collected the messaging that was working in the field to create simple, static Facebook ads. We then strategically geotargeted the ads to moderate and conservative women in the areas that her opponent needed to pick up votes the most.

Here are just a few examples of the types of Facebook image ads we ran:


By Election Day, we had changed the message with targeted voters and Zayas was elected with 60.4% of the vote and ended up receiving the highest single vote count of all campaigns in the county with 175,094 total votes.